Dr. Kodama places hyaluronic acid (HA) filler and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) into the penis for a reliable increase of penile girth. 

Who is a good candidate for Penile Enhancement with fillers?

Good candidates for this procedure are men who are self-conscious about the width/girth of their penis. That is the primary change made with these injections, girth, although there can also be some change in length. Patients need to be aware that these are not permanent changes. The penis should maintain its larger shape for up to 18 months. 

What can I expect during the procedure?

Dr. Kodama and staff begin by obtaining blood from your arm, which is placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and growth factors from the other components of your blood, creating the PRP for injections.  

A topical anesthetic is used so you don’t feel any pain during placement. During the procedure thin, blunt-tip catheters are used to ensure safe placement of the filler and PRP, followed by an acoustic wave treatment to ensure a smooth contour.

What happens after Penile Enhancement?

Your treatment may result in small areas of bruising, which is normal with this procedure.   

You will be supplied with a penile pump for use following treatment.  It is recommended to start use of the pump one day following the procedure and continue twice daily for 10 minutes for 3-4 weeks until filler is well established. You will need to avoid intercourse for 3 days following the procedure to avoid introducing infection at the injection sites. Use of condoms thereafter until 7 days following the procedure.

The use of filler allows patients to see immediate results, with full results seen in 1-2 weeks.


What is Scrotox?

A non-surgical cosmetic treatment of the scrotum with Botox to decrease painful contractions of the scrotum, decrease sweating, reduce wrinkles, and enhance the overall cosmetic appearance.