MonaLisa Touch® Treats Painful Intercourse Without Surgery or Hormones

Women's Sexual WellnessMonaLisa Touch® Treats Painful Intercourse Without Surgery or Hormones

MonaLisa Touch® Treats Painful Intercourse Without Surgery or Hormones

For years, women watched as billions of dollars and countless hours were dedicated to men’s sexual health, especially among the older population. While the resulting blue pill provides a great answer to the men’s sexual function, little attention was paid to the other side of the sexual equation. Until now.

At BioAge Health, Dr. Catherine Kodama has joined the growing movement to improve women’s sexual health by offering a game-changing treatment that relies on noninvasive laser technology: MonaLisa Touch. With the MonaLisa Touch, we’re helping women in Eagan, Minnesota, lead happy, healthy sex lives long into the future.

If you’d like to explore the breakthrough MonaLisa Touch technology, which doesn’t rely on surgery or hormones, read on.

The menopause effect

The leading cause behind declining vaginal health is menopause, that inevitable journey from your reproductive years into the post-reproductive time-frame.   With this transition comes a drop in hormones, which previously maintained vaginal health by ensuring adequate elasticity, tone, and lubrication in your vaginal tissues.

When your ovaries have completed their egg production, estrogen, as well as progesterone and testosterone levels plummet,  which can result in thinning vaginal walls that lack protection from friction, and natural secretions for lubrication. The unfortunate result, for up to 50% of postmenopausal women, is painful intercourse.

While menopause is the chief culprit behind painful intercourse among women, childbirth or certain medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, can also result in lax and dry tissue, making intercourse uncomfortable or painful.

The MonaLisa Touch solution

Before the MonaLisa Touch, women had very few options when it came to painful intercourse. Hormone replacement therapies, which bring your levels back up, do not bring complete relief for everyone, and some women with certain medical diagnoses may not be able to use hormones.  Topical hormone creams and suppositories as well as lubricants require consistent use and can be quite messy.

When MonaLisa Touch was first introduced, we knew that the technology was a game-changer. Using this system, we deliver painless laser energy in multiple small, pinpoint rays throughout your vaginal walls to stimulate collagen and elastin production, increase factors for your natural secretions, and regenerate healthy, more youthful vaginal tissue, without harming the surface tissues. Your vaginal walls become thicker and more elastic with increased natural lubrication.  Studies have confirmed restoration of healthy vaginal tissue, and hydration and pH to premenopausal levels and numerous clinical studies have confirmed a remarkable decrease in painful intercourse and improvement of sexual function.

Confidence in safety and effectiveness

One of the most important things about MonaLisa Touch is that you can have confidence in the technology.   The MonaLisa Touch is FDA approved for gynecologic treatment, and has been in clinical use since 2007, with approximately 500,000 women successfully treated world-wide. There have been over 30 peer-reviewed medical journal articles that have reviewed its benefits.  No other device for vaginal treatment of painful intercourse can claim this profile. Also, the MonaLisa Touch device is a sophisticated laser that is only available to Gynecologists and Urogynecologists, your specialists in women’s health.

An easy road

Luckily, the road to improved vaginal health is a relatively easy one. The treatment is noninvasive with minimal discomfort, which means there’s no downtime afterward and you’re free to return to your normal activities, including intercourse after 2-3 days for most. The treatments themselves last only five minutes each, and we recommend that our patients undergo three quick treatments, spaced six weeks apart.

The reason we space the treatments is to give your body time to respond with renewed collagen. Your body works at its own pace, but the wait is worth it. Over the course of your treatments, you should see gradual improvement, with optimal results in 6-12 weeks after your last session with us.

To keep up with your restored vaginal health, we recommend an annual follow-up session to maintain your vaginal health.

If you have more questions about this life-changing treatment for sexual health, please give us a call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool found on this website to request an appointment.


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