How the O-Shot Can Rejuvenate Your Vaginal and Sexual Health

Women's Sexual WellnessHow the O-Shot Can Rejuvenate Your Vaginal and Sexual Health

How the O-Shot Can Rejuvenate Your Vaginal and Sexual Health

O-Shot® is short for Orgasm Shot®, so it’s clear that the purpose of this injection is to improve orgasms by enhancing erogenous areas like your clitoris and G-spot. But that’s not the only benefit you’ll gain. The natural active ingredients in your O-Shot can rejuvenate your vaginal tissues and restore your sexual health.

BioAge Health is in Eagan, Minnesota, where we welcome women from around the Twin Cities area who have any questions or concerns about their sexual health. Whether you can’t orgasm, find sex painful, or you’ve lost all interest in sex, we can help with the O-Shot and many other treatment options.

Facts you need to know about the O-Shot

If you’re like most of our patients, the first thing you want to know is this: What’s in an O-Shot? It’s hard to imagine a single active ingredient that could boost your sex drive, improve orgasms, and rejuvenate your vagina. The O-Shot can do all that because it contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The platelets in PRP are naturally found in blood, where they’re one of your body’s top regenerative tools. When your body is injured or diseased, platelets migrate to the damaged area and release growth factors that accelerate healing, recruit stem cells, and trigger the growth of new cells to replace every type of old and damaged tissue.

The PRP in your O-Shot is made from your own blood. We draw a blood sample and put it in a centrifuge that separates the platelets from the other blood components. Then the concentrated platelets are used for your O-Shot.

When you receive an O-Shot, we first numb the areas, then we administer two shots, one in your clitoris and the other at your G-spot. From there, the platelets have a broad impact on your vaginal and sexual health.

The O-Shot rejuvenates your vaginal health

Over the years, the tissues inside your vagina begin to change as estrogen levels decline. Without enough estrogen, the vaginal lining becomes dry and loses elasticity, making it fragile and susceptible to infections.

It’s estimated that 75% of all women experience painful intercourse at some point during their lives. In early adulthood, painful intercourse may be caused by an underlying gynecologic problem like endometriosis. But as you get older, and especially after menopause, painful sex develops due to these changes in vaginal tissues.

After your O-Shot is injected, your vaginal tissues are rejuvenated. As PRP triggers the growth of new blood vessels, collagen, and elastin, your vaginal lining regains strength, elasticity, and natural lubrication. Two of the greatest benefits of restoring your vaginal health is that intercourse is no longer painful, and sex becomes more enjoyable.

The O-Shot makes it easier to orgasm

Many of our patients decide to have an O-Shot because it improves their orgasms. In the clitoris, PRP promotes the growth of tissues like nerves, blood vessels, and collagen. As a result, your clitoris becomes more sensitive and responsive, so it’s easier to orgasm and have multiple orgasms.

We also inject PRP into the G-spot, which is a distinct area in the vaginal wall that’s sensitive to sexual stimulation that can lead to powerful orgasms. Tissue growth following your injection adds volume to the G-spot and increases responsiveness in this second erogenous area.

The O-Shot helps treat sexual dysfunction

You already know how two types of sexual dysfunction — being unable to have an orgasm and painful intercourse — improve after getting an O-Shot. As you overcome those problems and sex becomes more enjoyable, chances are you’ll also conquer the most common type of sexual dysfunction: loss of desire.

The O-Shot improves urinary incontinence

The lining of your urinary tract goes through the same changes as your vaginal tissues. As your levels of estrogen decline, the tissues atrophy, which leads to problems such as more frequent urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence.

Nothing dampens your sex life quite like leaking urine when you orgasm, but an O-Shot can help with this problem. The platelets from your shot also regenerate the tissues in your urinary tract, which can significantly improve urinary incontinence.

Our team at BioAge Health is dedicated to helping you overcome any problems you may have with your vaginal health and sex life. Call the office or schedule an appointment online when you have questions or concerns about your sexual health.


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