The declining estrogen levels experienced during and after menopause can lead to a multitude of uncomfortable symptoms, such as painful intercourse and vaginal atrophy. Fifty percent of women experience painful symptoms related to the effects of post-menopause. Dr. Catherine Kodama at BioAge Health in Eagan, Minnesota, serving patients throughout the Twin Cities, offers MonaLisa Touch®, an innovative laser procedure, to help alleviate the painful symptoms that often come along with this phase of womanhood. With her personalized and effective approach, she can help you be the leading lady of your life once again. Call BioAge Health today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about MonaLisa Touch.

What is MonaLisa Touch?
MonaLisa Touch is a safe and effective treatment for vaginal rejuvenation, as well as other vulvar health conditions. This minimally invasive, painless laser therapy can help to alleviate unpleasant or painful symptoms you experience due to menopause, whether you have undergone the changes naturally or through a surgically induced procedure, such as painful intercourse or urinary issues. It can also be used as a non-hormonal solution for breast cancer survivors.

The MonaLisa Touch can help benefit:
-vaginal atrophy (painful intercourse and dryness)
-vaginal laxity (looseness of the vaginal walls)
-urinary incontinence (urinary leakage)
-lichen sclerosus

How does MonaLisa Touch work?
MonaLisa Touch uses a probe inserted into your vagina to deliver gentle, painless CO2 laser energy to your vaginal walls. As a result of this laser therapy, your body initiates its own healing response.

The laser therapy of the MonaLisa Touch procedure delivered controlled laser energy to your vulvar and vaginal tissues, which stimulates the healing response. Studies show that the MonaLisa Touch can increase collagen and elastin fibers in the vaginal walls, restores your pH levels and increases your natural secretions, resulting in your vaginal tissues resuming it’s more youthful tone and moisture.

What can you expect with the MonaLisa Touch procedure?
First, Dr. Kodama consults with you regarding your symptoms to determine if the MonaLisa Touch procedure is the right choice given your medical history and current health, then your procedure is scheduled. The MonaLisa Touch only takes five minutes and is virtually painless.

Although many patients feel improvement after just one treatment, the MonaLisa Touch procedure requires three five-minute sessions, spaced about fout to six weeks apart. Dr. Kodama also recommends a yearly follow-up treatment to maintain your vaginal health.

You can return to your normal activities following your session since there is no downtime associated with MonaLisa Touch treatments. However, Dr. Kodama recommends refraining from sexual activity for 7 days.

To find out if MonaLisa Touch is the answer you’ve been searching for to restore your vagina after menopause, call Dr. Kodama at BioAge Health to schedule a consultation, or use the online booking system.