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Age management takes a proactive approach to preserve your optimal health and wellness, ultimately slowing down the process of aging. Through various innovative techniques, Dr. Catherine Kodama at BioAge Health helps her patients in Eagan, Minnesota and the Twin Cities, look and feel their best. When you’re ready to boost your longevity, call BioAge Health or request an appointment online.

Age Management Q & A

What is age management?

Age management medicine encourages physicians to take a proactive, preventive approach to healthcare for an aging population. This type of medicine focuses more on the preservation of optimal health and the quality of life, working to slow down the process of aging.

Dr. Kodama provides counseling and evaluation services to help support your dietary, lifestyle, and medical needs. Patients who work with Dr. Kodama to help manage their aging often experience noticeable changes in their health and liveliness, including:

  • Weight loss and increased muscle tone
  • Increased energy levels and physical vitality
  • Improved sex drive and libido
  • Increased focus and mental sharpness
  • Improved sleep quality


Services she offers include MonaLisa Touch for vaginal atrophy from menopause, the Fast Mimicking Diet to help with weight-loss goals, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) options, as well as the innovative telomerase activator 65 (T-65®) to support your longevity overall.

What is MonaLisa Touch?

Dr. Kodama performs vaginal rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch laser therapy to help reduce your vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity. MonaLisa Touch CO2 laser therapy stimulates the production of new collagen in your vaginal tissues, reinvigorating your vagina and improving its functionality. Your estrogen and pH levels improve and your vaginal tissues become more hydrated, thicker, tighter, and more elastic.

How can Prolon help promote age management? 

Prolon, the Fasting Mimicking Diet, is a revolutionary meal program developed by leading longevity researcher, Valter Longo, PhD at the USC Longevity Institute, and sponsored by the NationalCancer Institutes (NCI), National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Institute of Health (NIH).   It provides weight loss and improvements of metabolic health, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation and fasting glucose, as well as provides anti-aging benefits by an increase of your own natural stem cells. This type of intermittent fasting may also help protect against disease and also promote longevity. Prolon may not be recommended for certain individuals based on medical history or risk factors.

How can hormone replacement therapy (HRT) help with age management?

Hormones affect your body in various ways. The effect your metabolism, energy level, sexual health and responsiveness. As you age, hormone levels decrease. Restoring your low hormone levels through customized HRT care can help you feel years younger. HRT can improve your energy level, muscle tone, and sexual well-being, as well as your emotional and mental health.

What is telomerase activator 65 (TA-65)?

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect your chromosomes. Telomere length can indicate your overall health status on a biological, cellular level. Having short telomeres can accelerate the natural aging process, leading to cellular dysfunction.

TA-65 is a natural, plant-based compound that can help maintain or rebuild telomeres. With the help of the enzyme telomerase, TA-65 works to slow down and possibly reverse aging.

Dr. Kodama works with you to choose which techniques might work best to help you maintain your health and promote longevity. The sooner you begin, the better you’ll feel. Call BioAge Health today or request a consultation online.

*Individual Results May Vary